Thursday, August 29, 2013

Catamaran Muse

Catamaran Muse

Sailing on the 'Muse' catamaran is perfect for family yacht charter vacations.

Muse Catamaran for BVI Yacht charters
I still can't get over how much space is on the catamaran sailboat Muse. It is 70 feet long and 33 feet wide and with its multiple decks and fly-bridge it has over 2,000 square feet of useable space. Having been built in 2010, Muse is a ultra modern catamaran sailboat that can easily accommodate 10 adults in 5 beautifully decorated and comfortable staterooms.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

You Can Take a Catamaran Sailboat Charter Vacation | Luxury Yacht Charters

Here's an excerpt from the article posted in our Wordpress blog today discussing how you really can afford a luxurious catamaran charter vacation in the British Virgin Islands...

OK. So how can you take a private yacht vacation that’s all-inclusive, where the views are always changing as you hop from island to island, the food is prepared by your personal chef, where you can explore uninhabited islands and cays, set sail in any direction you choose, create your own itinerary, have unlimited access to scuba diving, snorkeling, secluded palm lined white sandy beaches, tropical drinks all  without breaking your bank or spending the kid’s college fund? (It’s tempting though, right?). 

To read more click on the link below:

You Can Take a Catamaran Sailboat Charter Vacation | Luxury Yacht Charters

British Virgin Island Catamaran Charter

Catamaran Sailboat Charter Vacation in the British Virgin Islands
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